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The Truth

Luke 6:31

"Do to others as you would have them do to you"

It is easy to say that " dental ceramic " is the magic material that allows us to customize all our restorations and make them look fabulous, but while this material is indeed amazing there is so much more to creating true dental masterpieces .

Experience and passion,skill and dedication, time and knowledge , combining the right material with the right technique, the right morphology with the right proportion, shade with anatomy , aesthetic with function ... but most of all it's working with the right people .

It's all in the detail.

And that's the truth.

The Craft


Join us in discovering the amazing beauty behind the harmony of a smile.

The uniqueness and complexity of each human tooth.

The art and experience necessary to be able to faithfully emulate it.

The passion and dedication behind our craftmanship.

Are you surprised?

We know you are.

The Style


Do not only practice your art,

but force your way into it's secrets ,

for it and knowledge can

raise you up to happiness.


              - Ludwig Van Beethoven -


The Atelier


Icon.moro is handily located just minutes away from bustling Coutney Place, in the "heart" of the capital. 

Here you will find an attic style dental atelier that is equal parts character and inspiration.

A unique place where style and design - both old and new - meet tradition and state of the art technology.

It is where the best of modern dental craftmanship and photography come together. 

Giving every client a friendly welcome and high quality service .




Matteo Moro


167 Buckley Road


Wellington 6023

New Zealand

P: 0064 04 385 4655

M: 0064 021 107 0459

Email: info@iconmoro.com

Website: www.iconmoro.com


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